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Welcome to Build with Joy where you will learn in-demand skills for digital marketing, advertising, and content monetization. You will gain the skills, resources, and learn how to leverage today's technology to create your digital empire at the initial membership tier of $30. 

If you're an entrepreneur you will learn how to take your business online. If you are a creator you will learn how to think strategically to execute those ideas you have!

Joy Valerie aka me, has been in the content monetization space for over 5 years, social impact space for over 10 years, and creating digital content since she was a teenager.

I've led distributed teams setting up an office in 4 countries and 5 cities and operations at tech startups working with content networks to reach and monetize their audience. 

Today I work full time remotely and building out Carrera Digital Solutions LLC, an agency focusing on transitioning small businesses to online but most of all leveraging data, software, and the power of the internet to create social businesses that truly create an impact.

I will teach you the skills that have taken companies from 1 employee to million-dollar acquisitions in weekly office hours and monthly workshops 

By being the beta class you will get 68% off.The price will go up to $50 a month July 5th. 

You will be part of the initial cohort gaining knowledge every week and have the ultimate say and request on what you want to learn. We're going to break down all things digital. I'm gonna be honest - I am scrappy AF so bear with me and let's BUILD! 

You get 

TUESDAY OFFICE HOURS at 7PM EST / 4PM PST every Tuesday for help as you need. (Value $150 /hr) 

PRIVATE FB GROUP for support asking questions and a community building


We will learn how to : 

- Manage our Time Effectively

- Productivity Hacking 

- MVP Lean Startup Methodology

- Project Management

- Scum & Agile Methods

- Content Marketing 

- Podcasting 

- Blogging

- Wordpress

- Workflow Development & Automation

- + More 

and you will have support via and build a network with each other our community groups & resources. 

FYI there are monthly options with a discounted offer for yearly and lifetime selections. 

This product is not currently for sale.
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Build with Joy: Create Your Digital Empire Beta Membership

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